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Student at the Mount's Career Fair

Career Center

From Mount to Career

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Dream Limitlessly

The Career Center is a solid resource during your journey at the Mount. Transitioning from student to career can be complex. The Career Center team is here for you every step of the way, providing the resources, support and insights you need to make decisions about your future that are best for you. It's more than simply finding a job. It's about applying your experience at the Mount toward living a life of significance.

Email us at or call us at 301-447-5202.

Want to schedule an appointment? Schedule a time through Handshake or call our office.

Great Investment Top 10% The Mount is in the top 10% of colleges and universities nationwide in terms of the long-term earnings for a four-year degree.
Experience 76% Of students completed an internship before graduation.
Prepared 100% Of the graduates from the Class of 2019 are employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation (based on a 78% knowledge rate).

What We Do

We help you focus on your future whether you need help picking a major, landing an internship, or finding a job, graduate school or another option after graduation. Schedule an appointment or walk in any weekday and you’ll find the Career Center staff ready to help you plan your journey forward.


  • Career Counseling & Job Search Resources

    Finding the right job takes a knowledge about yourself and what you want to accomplish. We can help you figure that out and make a plan for getting you there. With career actions plans, career assessments, resume critiques, mock interviews, job search resources and more, you'll have the skills and tools you need to work toward a great start to your career.

  • Internships

    There’s nothing as valuable as hands-on experience in your major or chosen career. The team at the Career Center can help you prepare to find full- or part-time internships, paid or unpaid, for the semester or the summer.

  • Graduate School

    The Career Center can help you determine if graduate school is the right choice for you, if your career goals require extended schooling, what the opportunities and costs associated with that choice will be, and what next steps you should take. The Career Center team can help you look at every angle and make the choice that is best for you.

  • Careers by Major

    What can you do with your major? The Career Center can help you explore different careers that are well suited for someone with your interests and major.

  • Career Pathways

    This invaluable program connects students with alumni who work in an industry of interest to the student. Through this networking opportunity, the student is then connected to additional resources for jobs, internships, advice and other experiences.

Career Fair at Mount St. Mary's University

The Career Center has always been extremely helpful. They are so supportive, and I'm especially appreciate all of their interview and resume help!

Class of 2020 Graduate

Additional Support


The Mount’s Career Center maintains relationships with thousands of employers that are seeking strong candidates for jobs or internships. We offer regular events during the academic year through which you can connect with Mount students including meet-and-greet tables, hosting information sessions for students, conducting on-campus interviews, and conveniently posting employment opportunities on Handshake, our virtual recruitment database. Tell us how we can help your recruiting efforts.



One hallmark of the Mount is our alumni network that numbers 18,000 strong. From your first moment on campus, the Career Center is your lifelong connection to the alumni base. Our services extend to our entire alumni base and our alumni network provides all Mounties with an unmatched competitive advantage. How can we help you make the most of your career resources?

Contact the Career Center at or request an appointment.


We understand the important role you play in your son/daughter’s career decisions. The Career Center is here to help you guide that process and provide you with information and resources that can make the process go smoother. You can help by encouraging your student to get involved early and make an appointment to meet with us.

career fair in patriot hall

Students were excellent! Well prepared and very pleasant to speak with!

Frederick County Workforce Services

The Mount Career Fair

Each year you’ll have the chance to participate in our annual large-scale Career Fair. Bring your resume and dress professionally to spend the afternoon networking and learning about jobs and internships with local and regional employers.

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Distance Education

At Mount St. Mary’s University's Career Center, we are ready to help distance learners on their journey from the online classroom to their new career.

Available Resources

Zoom, phone, and in-person appointments available one-on-one with our career counselors. Topics include:

  • Resume reviews
  • Cover letter reviews
  • Mock interviewing
  • Social media profile reviews

Networking Opportunities

Distance education opportunities to network with other students and alumni are available. Your use of LinkedIn can be key to your career search. Let us help you discover ways to make the most of your networking.

Virtual Career Fair

The Career Center can help you identify resources to take part in live webinars, virtual career fairs and/or lectures.

Meet our Staff


Joshua Spivey

Director of the Career Center

Matthew Pouss

Matthew Pouss

Career Center Operations Manager

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Lucia Lamberson

Administrative Assistant


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Fall Career Fair
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