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To get a great job, it helps to complete great internships. Your hands-on learning experiences allow you to turn your coursework into real work.

Your advisors and counselors will help you find an internship that’s right for you—locally, across the country or on the other side of the world. You’ll find Mount students interning at organizations like Estée Lauder, Morgan Stanley, National Institutes of Health, Washington Commanders, National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Prudential, Walt Disney World, NASCAR, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, Bank of America, and so many more!

Mount St. Mary's student during an internship

Four Mount students explain why they think internships are important, and what they learned from their experiences in fields from public service to law and business to the environment.

About Internships

Internships are hands-on experiences that relate to a specific major or career interest and usually involve training and responsibilities for which the student has already completed appropriate academic coursework. They may be full-time or part-time for the duration of a semester or summer, and can be paid or unpaid. Mount students may also register to earn academic credit(s) for an internship.

Internship Registration

Please read this section carefully.

  • Students are to familiarize themselves with the internship program policies and guidelines before registering an internship.
  • All internship registration items must be completed before beginning the internship.
  • Internship information needs to be provided in the Experiences section of Handshake for the registration process. The internship site supervisor, faculty sponsor, and department chair will need to approve the internship for it to be registered. In the event an internship site will not approve an internship registration on Handshake, students may contact the Career Center to discuss using a separate Internship Learning Agreement Form or if there are other expectations of the employer.

Undergraduate Internship Timelines

  • Summer 2024
    • Experience information must be submitted in Handshake AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before beginning an internship.
    • Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - Final day to submit information on Handshake for a summer internship.
      • Friday, June 28, 2024 - Mid-Internship Surveys Due
      • Friday, August 9, 2024 - Final Assignments and Work Hours Log Due
  • Fall 2024
    • Friday, August 9, 2024 - Deadline for Experience Submission on Handshake for Registration
      • Mid-Internship Assignments Due (for full fall semester) - Friday, October 4, 2024
      • Final Internship Assignments Due - Friday, December 6, 2024
  • Request Additional Time to Register (must submit before term deadline)

Graduate Internship Registration Deadlines

  • Spring 1 - Friday, January 5, 2024
  • Spring 2 - Friday, February 23, 2024

Internship Program Resources

*The summer session is a distinct term. All credits earned for this period are billed at the summer rate upon registration. Students are encouraged to contact the Accounting and Finance Office with questions related to billing and payment.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all information is complete and accurate. Failure to submit a complete learning agreement with approvals by the internship registration deadline date may result in denial of credit registration.

Registering an internship starts with submitting internship information in the Experiences section of Handshake.  Discuss and confirm the plans and expectations of an internship with your internship site and faculty sponsor before providing internship details.

Career Center Internship Fund / Elizabeth Santos, Class of 1989 Scholarship Fund

The Mount St. Mary’s University Career Center's Internship Fund aims to reduce the financial challenges associated with participating in a wide range of low-paying or unpaid summer internships. Through the generosity of the fund established, the Elizabeth Santos, Class of 1989 Scholarship Fund offers grants for students who accept unpaid or low-paying internships.

*Please note: This award is taxable income, therefore taxes will be withheld at the time of distribution. Please plan accordingly, as this cannot be waived due to federal regulations.

Award Timeline

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis with the below final deadline.

  • May 4, 2023: Summer 2023 Application Deadline


Eligible students

  • Are currently enrolled undergraduates in good standing at Mount St. Mary’s University who will be enrolled in the fall following their internship (good standing applies to academics, conduct and student accounts).
  • Agree to the terms of the Internship Funding Program (see below).
  • Application submitted to an internship(s) is a prerequisite for applying.  Confirmation of an accepted internship is preferred and will be given greater consideration.

Eligible internships

  • 120 hours or more of supervised experience, completed during the summer (example: 6 weeks at 20 hours per week).
  • Both credit-based and non-credit internships are eligible.
  • Supervision from a professional in the organization.
  • Less than $1,000 (gross pay) compensation.

Additionally, internships must...

  • Provide an opportunity for intellectual growth, development of knowledge and skills specific to a career or career setting; exploration of career options and understanding of career pathways; acquisition of transferable professional skills (e.g., communication, coping with ambiguity, teamwork, time management, interpersonal skills, goal setting).
  • Address the applicant's specific learning goals as they relate to furthering career exploration/development, enhancing academic skills/knowledge, and advancing self-knowledge.

Application Process

All application materials must be complete and submitted by the application deadline listed above. No exceptions. Late applications will not be considered.

To apply

Applicant must upload and submit the following documents to

  • A personal statement up to 500 words explaining your internship, why you are requesting internship funding, and what you what the funding will be used for with the internship.
  • Resume.
  • A credit-based internship learning agreement submitted on Handshake or an internship job description (preferrably with supervisor name and contact information).

Selection Process

A committee evaluates the applications. Emphasis is placed on application, one-page personal statement with support from the resume, transcript, and internship description. A competitive application is one that successfully demonstrates the applicants understanding of the link between her/his goals, past experiences, and the opportunities afforded by the internship(s) in question. Rising juniors and seniors will receive priority consideration for this award along with applicants who have not received the Career Center's award in the past.

Terms and Conditions of the Career Center Internship Funding Program

  • Funding may only be applied to the internship(s) indicated in the application.
  • If selected for an award, applicants agree to:
    • Write a thank you letter with personal reflection about the experience to the fund committee at the end of the internship (to be submitted to the Career Center and forwarded to the fund committee).
    • Submit two photos which document your internship experience (to be submitted and shared through university social media and forwarded to the fund committee).

All criteria listed are required and are conditions for the funding. Failure to comply with conditions will jeopardize current and future funding.

Kate Wade, C'20

“An internship is an opportunity to create a stepping stone toward a great career. I am thankful that Mount St. Mary’s provided resources that allowed me to easily discover and prepare for my internship. The staff focuses on working with employers and students to develop a unique opportunity of learning and professional development that will prepare you for the future."

Find Internships

An internship is an essential experience to complement your Mount education. This is why the Career Center has dedicated resources for students and alumni looking for the right match.

Career Pathways
The Mount in Washington


Students can search this dedicated online resource for regional, national and international job and internship postings; connect with alumni for advice or opportunities; and be recruited or promoted by faculty for internships or summer research on campus.

Visit Handshake for all listings

Career Pathways

Looking for that personal touch? The Career Pathways program links current Mount students with alumni in their field of study so they can tap into the power of the Mount alumni network. Students can shadow a professional for a day, gain inside tips about an industry or company they are interested in, or even find a personal mentor in an alumnus who is doing job they’ve been dreaming about.

The Mount in Washington

With a campus close to Washington, D.C., many students choose to spend a summer living and working in our nation’s capital. The Mount in Washington is a credit-based internship program specifically designed to allow students to earn a semester’s worth of internship credit, live in dedicated student housing, and expand their professional network at some of the world’s most influential organizations.

Michael Sewa Gunn, C'21

"I’ve met with community-based organization (nonprofits) leaders/founders and have been given several opportunities to attend high-level meetings with officials and community navigators. The Mount has instilled within me the importance of moral integrity; I am able to better understand the importance of the work being done at my internship site and move toward the furtherance of collective action."

Internship Counseling

Not sure how to get started with getting an internship? The Career Center staff helps students prepare resumes, provides resources and information on how to find internship sites, and gives advice on how to narrow down your choices or work your personal network. Make an appointment to discuss your next steps in completing an internship or search our internship resource links.

Katie Shugars, C'20,

"My internship experience permitted me to learn more about the criminal justice field and to grow personally and professionally. The Mount provided training and answered any and all of the questions I had. As a transfer student, I was not sure what I was getting myself into, but the Career Center walked me through the process."

Credit-Based Internships

Why choose an internship for academic credit?

  1. Access selective internships—many sites require academic accountability and credit to be earned
  2. Develop personal and professional skills to help you succeed in your career and lifelong learning
  3. Open doors to graduate school with an internship recorded on your transcript
  4. Protect yourself legally under the university's liability policy
  5. Process new opportunities and challenges through personal interaction with peers and faculty

Undergraduate Internship Registration

Registering an Internship for Credit

Mount students can earn anywhere from 1-12 credits for an internship experience. The number of credits is determined in part by the minimum number of internship hours being completed and the internship description/responsibilities. Academic departments reserve the right to limit the number of credits registered.

  1. Review the Internship/Experiential Education Policies and Guidelines (eligibility criteria and expectations are included).
  2. Secure an internship placement. Discuss plans with the internship coordinator or faculty member as needed.
  3. Request a faculty member to serve as a faculty sponsor, and discuss plans together.
  4. Complete a Learning Agreement.

Submit the Learning Agreement, with all signatures, to the Career Center prior to the deadline date. Expect that it may take at least a week, if not longer, to gather all signatures.

Graduate Internship Registration

Registering an Internship for Credit

Graduate students can earn anywhere between 1-6 credits for an internship experience. The number of credits is determined in part by the minimum number of internship hours being completed and the internship description/responsibilities. Academic departments reserve the right to limit the number of credits registered.

  1. Review the Graduate Internship/Experiential Education Policies and Guidelines (eligibility criteria and expectations are included).
  2. Secure an internship placement. Discuss plans with the internship coordinator or faculty member as needed.
  3. Request a faculty member to serve as a faculty sponsor, and discuss plans together.
  4. Complete and submit the Learning Agreement with all signatures to the Career Center at least two weeks prior to the start of the session. Expect that it may take at least a week if not longer to gather all signatures.
  5. Complete online registration of internship.

Students are responsible for ensuring that all information is complete and accurate. Failure to submit the completed Learning Agreement or any additional items needed by the internship registration deadline date may result in credit registration being denied.

Cole Burrows, C'22

“You aren’t doing just busy work or being a small part of a bigger picture; you are brought onto a team of very dedicated individuals who rely on your commitment; you are preparing your own lesson plans and instructing the youth most of the time unsupervised, so you are an actual vital piece to the organization’s success."

International Internships

While all internships involve a great deal of personal commitment, an international internship promises to be even more challenging and rewarding. Many international organizations offer students significant responsibilities and experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom. Former Mount students who have interned abroad have regarded these higher levels of responsibility and expectations to be some of the best experiences of the trip—outside of the chance for traveling and exploring a different country. Interning abroad helps students develop personal strengths and skills that are useful in marketing themselves for future job opportunities.

Contact the Career Center if you’re interested in interning abroad.

Contact us
Kaitlyn Fletcher, C’16

“Studying abroad is about challenging yourself and stretching your limits. I have experienced this in many ways in London, but especially through my internship. This opportunity has given me a taste of how a business outside of the U.S. operates, which is valuable knowledge considering how global and interconnected the business world has become. When I get back to the states, I will bring this knowledge and sense of confidence with me and use it as I prepare for my career.”

Additional Internship Sites

Reading about how to get an internship is one thing—sometimes you just want to see where others have been. Here are some sample internships from Mount students:

  • Allied Counseling Group
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Cato Institute
  • Conway Physical Therapy, Inc.
  • DC 101 Radio
  • Department of Energy-Office of Nuclear Energy
  • Disney World Wide Services
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • ESPN/Disney Sports
  • Fort Detrick: USAMRIID
  • Frederick County Sheriff's Office
  • Frederick Keys
  • Gettysburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Hagerstown Police Department
  • Historical Society of Frederick
  • Lonza
  • Love and Company
  • Maryland Catholic Conference
  • Maryland Financial Planners
  • Maryland Pediatric Group
  • Merrill Lynch
  • National Hispanic Medical Association
  • National Institutes of Health-National Cancer Institute
  • Nationwide Insurance
  • NBC 25
  • Next Step Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness
  • Pediatric Adolescent Gastroesophageal Reflux Association
  • R G Sebeck & Associates LLC
  • RSM
  • Sentinel Home Mortgage
  • Sol Yoga
  • St. Joseph's Ministries
  • Strawberry Hill Nature Center
  • The Bay Wanderers
  • The George Washington University Medical Faculty
  • United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
  • Up County Family Partnership
  • Wayne Memorial Hospital