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Jeremiah Paige (J3RRY HOMES), C’19

Lives of Significance

Jeremiah Paige, C'19

Becoming J3rry Homes

Born and raised in Baltimore, Jeremiah Paige, C’19, started rapping for fun during his sophomore year at the Mount. “I told my friend if I made a mixtape it would be better than his because I have better taste in music.” Fast forward a year and 4,200 miles away: Paige was studying abroad, rapping in Prague and getting paid for his performances. He shared his music with crowds at clubs, shoe stores and bars. “The experience showed me that with trust in God and perseverance—all things are possible.”

Throughout his time in Prague, Paige, a communication major, reflected on his journey through blog posts about the experience.

Jeremiah's Blog Posts

Home at Heart

jeremiah_paige-500x300.jpgKnown professionally as J3RRY HOMES, Paige uses his music to express personal experiences. “I knew I wanted to be the kind of artist you could learn from,” he says, noting favorites like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Drake. He chose J3RRY HOMES as his stage name, using the number three to represent everything from the number of his brothers to the Holy Trinity. The last name HOMES pays tribute to love and family. “For a good portion of my life we were homeless, living with relatives and in hotels. I realized that a home isn’t where you’re staying—it’s the people that you’re with that make a place a home.”

What's Next?

After graduation, he plans to continue building a platform to reach the music industry, network and learn more. He currently hosts “Vibes with Barrett and Jerry” on the Mount’s radio station, WMTB 89.9. His advice to students on pursuing their passion is equal parts encouragement and challenge: “If I can spend three months in a country and make my presence known—then I can do it all over the planet. No matter what you decide to do with your life, you’re going to work, and it will be hard. Why not pursue your dreams?”

   Listen on Instagram @ j3rryhomes